Leaky Gut Syndrome Diagnosis

When it comes to making a Leaky Gut Syndrome diagnosis, your options are somewhat limited.

You can go to your doctor who will likely explain to you that Leaky Gut doesn’t really exist which in turn you should be ready with research in hand to show him that it most certainly does.

Aside from that you can find a qualified Naturopath or Functional Medicine Practitioner like myself who can help make sense of your Leaky Gut symptoms and provide a well educated clinical opinion.

But many people need that concrete evidence which is why in some cases I use specific lab tests that can provide my clients the evidence they need to make their own Leaky gut Syndrome diagnosis.

Waiting for a Leaky Gut Syndrome Diagnosis from Your Doctor?

If you’re counting on your doctor making the Leaky Gut Syndrome diagnosis for you then you might be waiting for quite some time because odds are he’ll be asking you, what is Leaky Gut?

This is because doctors have yet to fully recognize and accept Leaky Gut regardless of the research that has been presented and is currently growing in proportion.

And this has been a big sticking point in people getting the help and relief that they need because most people aren’t willing to trust anyone outside of their doctor for health advice.

This makes it extremely difficult to get the necessary Leaky Gut treatment that you need and why most people are on their own when it comes to figuring out how to heal Leaky Gut.

Without a concrete Leaky Gut Syndrome diagnosis from a trust source, most people give up without ever seeking out treatment on their own.

But if you need concrete evidence then there are a couple of tests that can provide it for you.

Leaky Gut Syndrome Diagnosis Method 1 – Intestinal Permeability

The first way to diagnose Leaky Gut is by using the most widely used test to date. The test I am referring to is the Intestinal Permeability Test.

And not to confuse you, Intestinal permeability is another term used to describe Leaky Gut or permeability of the intestinal lining.

This test works by having you ingest two different indigestible sugar molecules. One sugar molecule is small enough that it easily passes through even a healthy intestinal lining. The other is large enough that it should not be able to pass through a health intestinal lining.

After ingesting the test drink, you then submit a urine sample which is them analyzed to look for the presence of these two sugar molecules.

If only one is present then this indicates that you do not have Leaky Gut. However, if both are found then this is an indication that you do.

While this test is good for providing concrete evidence, it does nothing to tell you where to begin and what the underlying problem might be.

Leaky Gut Syndrome Diagnosis Method 2 – Intestinal Barrier Function

The Intestinal Barrier Function Test is what I use and what provides much detail into what the underlying cause(s) might be.

Instead of looking at whether or not molecules pass through your intestinal lining, this tests looks at the health and function of your intestinal lining to determine whether you have Leaky Gut. If the intestinal lining is dysfunctional and there is evidence of damage then this is an indication of Leaky Gut.

But what’s even more useful is that this test also looks into some of the underlying causes of Leaky Gut and can tell you which ones you are most likely dealing with.

It looks at your body’s reaction to some of the most common food allergies as well as your reaction to problematic bacteria and yeast which can help you with putting together your Leaky Gut Syndrome diet.

The Self Leaky Gut Syndrome Diagnosis Method

After working with Leaky Gut for a while, you begin to pick up on common patterns from client to client. And after a while it becomes much easier to figure out what’s really going on with a client from the very beginning and even how it all got started.

And because of this, I don’t believe that a Leaky Gut Syndrome diagnosis is necessary in most cases.

Many people just fit the mold so to speak.

So if you suffer from multiple Leaky Gut symptoms then many times you can make the Leaky Gut Syndrome diagnosis for yourself and save yourself some time and money in the process.